Covid-19 isn’t the only illness – Wunderman Thompson turns spotlight on Parkinson’s

Amid the ravages of Covid-19 it’s easy to overlook the devastating effect of other illnesses. One such is Parkinson’s and in Australia Parkinson’s NSW and WundermanThompson are launching a campaign to help people spot the symptoms, using the good old Latin standby ‘Lorem ipsum,’ traditionally used for dummy copy.

Apparently it’s a variant of ‘dolorem ipsum,’ which roughly translates to ‘pain itself.’

Key to the campaign is an online generator, aimed in part at the numerous people under 50 with symptoms of Parkinson’s (it’s not just a problem for oldies.) The campaign is timed for World Parkinson Day and Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

Wunderman Thompson national CCO Simon Langley says: “Other then a tremor, many people don’t know what the symptoms of Parkinson’s are, causing many late diagnoses. And although there is no cure for Parkinson’s, early detection can mean a better quality of life. We hope this is something the creative industry can support and help spread the word on early detection.”

MAA Usefulness Scale: 9.

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