Becky McOwen-Banks, ECD of VaynerMedia, picks her Desert Island Ads

My ads would be to remind me be about the joy of what we do and need for storytelling and craft – not only to entertain but (in the Donate Life example) to change behaviour on mass. You’ll also spot that I have gone for a healthy dose of humour and some cracking soundtracks (if I’m going to be on a deserted island I will be dancing like no one is watching!)

Kenzo World

Such an uplifting ad from Spike Jonze. A nose-tweak to the establishment and an ode to fun. Who wouldn’t want this as a cast away?

Apple home pod

Again, such joy (and yessss I may have a thing about Spike). The sumptuousness of the visuals here is a delight every time and pushing into the surreal to deliver the message. This would enable my mind to break free of the island confines for sure!

Donate life – World’s biggest asshole

This would come with me for all out humour – to show that action and charity doesn’t have to mean saccharine pap. Such a good film, great quality, great writing. Beautifully observed and with a rug-pull that hit home with the audience to enable a massive response.

Viva la vulva

Not only is it normalising female bodies for people (which can only be a good thing) but because of the beauty of its production and dedication to craft. From puppeteers, to paper sculpture and fashion designers, to photographers and directors – it is an absolute joy to watch. And the gentle humour is something I would enjoy again and again on the island.

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  1. Donate a life made me giggle and as I live in the UK have never seen it. Such a great way to show this way to donate which is a hard thing to offer. I have persuaded my wife and she knows how I feel that if ever I am a ble to donate. I give my blessings.
    Thanks for sharing this video. I am going to post to my friends on facebook.

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