VML/Y&R headlines WPP’s global Intel win

WPP needs to show it can land the world’s biggest ad accounts if it’s to get back to growth and cheer up disgruntled investors. It’s kind of half way there with the appointment of VML/Y&R and various other WPP agencies as creative leads on Intel.

The business moves from Mcgarrybowen which seems likely to keep Intel’s social account.

Intel hasn’t been a big spender in recent years, Ad Age reckons it spent “just” S68m on global media, but it spends a lot more than that on marketing and, in the technology world, it’s one of the bigger names.

Intel CMO Karen Walker says WPP demonstrated a deep passion” for showing how technology “enriches people’s lives. Their ‘digital first’ approach, creative mindset and access to globally diverse talent will help us develop impactful market moments that inspire our customers and partners.”

WPP CEO Mark Read says: “Intel is a brand synonymous with innovation worldwide and we are delighted that a WPP team has been entrusted with the next stage of its creative transformation.”

Winning a tech account like Intel certainly ticks WPP’s desire to combine creativity and technology. A high profile US account is also what the doctor ordered, given that WPP has struggled in North America.

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