Now Apple offers a full Hermitage tour in one iPhone visit

Here’s yet another tour de force from Apple, a five hour plus tour of the Hermitage (with a ballet and concert) in St Petersburg, shot in one take on an iPhone 11 Pro. With some battery charge left over.

Here’s the trailer.

Might even take a look a look at the full version as we’re not likely to be travelling anywhere.

No wonder people are flocking to Apple and other tech companies with budgets (and products) like this.

Great piece of marketing.

MAA creative scale: 8.

PS See comments below. Is an artful bit of borrowing still great marketing? Discuss..


  1. A complete rip-off of Alexander Sokurov’s one-take ‘Russian Ark’ – it’s even set in the Hermitage where Sokurov shot his film. I’m sure it’s visually stunning (difficult not to be when you see so many masterpieces). But a creative vote of 8 for someone else’s idea? I don’t think so.

  2. I’m not sure this deserves an 8 for creativity, since it’s a blatant copy of Alexander Sokurov’s one-take feature film, ‘Russian Ark’. It’s even shot in the Hermitage!

    ‘Russian master Alexander Sokurov has tapped into the very flow of history itself for the flabbergasting Russian Ark. Thanks to the miracles of digital video, Sokurov (and cinematographer Tilman Buttner) uses a single, unbroken, 90-minute shot to wind his way through the Hermitage in St Petersburg–the repository of Russian art and the former home to royalty.’

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