Lisa Riordan of Imagination picks her Desert Island Ads

In the current times it is more important than ever to find moments of joy, so I have specifically chosen the three ads that, no matter how many times I watch them, make me smile and remind me of the brilliance of our industry and our power to reach people emotionally.


I think this ad by Joe Wright featuring Kiera Knightly is super elegant and a great example of how to create a celebrity led perfume advert. The way it tells a real story that harks back to the glamour of the bygone era, but with a contemporary edge, helps to tap into a younger, more progressive audience. The track is also memorable. A classy piece of work.

All these ads play to our intrinsic need for escape and stories, all the more important during times of crisis. And I love that our industry can deliver those moments in 60, 40 or even 15 seconds.


I love this advert; it has got to be one of my favourites. It’s both surprising and humorous in equal measures and massively attention grabbing! Before this ad, you would never have associated chocolate with a gorilla playing the drums, emulating Phil Collins in his heyday, to an incredibly powerful soundtrack, but now you can’t not think of Cadburys. A bold concept expertly crafted that stood out to reach a whole new audience and became memorable. Advertising perfection.


This is such a clever ad; I really love the anticipation around the cause and effect of each object moving. An ad rarely requires its viewer to watch with patience and intrigue as this one does whilst you watch the pieces move into place with utter precision. Balanced perfectly with the music build up at the end and the witty voice overline – ‘when things just work’, the message is strong – this is an innovative, yet reliable product and brand.

As creative director at Imagination, Riordan directs and manages the creative team responsible for delivering experiences globally for clients including Jaguar Land Rover.

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