Land Rover’s new Defender launches in topsy turvy style

The Land Rover Defender is its old base model, much prized by hill farmers driving round their muddy domains.

The eagerly-awaited new version starts at well north of £40,000 so it’s presumably aimed at a rather different market. Saw one on London’s north circular road the other day driving at highly illegal speed.

Thanks goodness the pilot didn’t try out its facility for turning somersaults, as here in a version of its launch campaign hitching a ride on the (postponed) Bond film ‘No Time To Die.’ In this case a muddy field was obviously required.

As we keep saying, it’s a tricky time to launch a new product with the Coronavirus around, especially a luxury SUV (because that’s what it is) with the Chinese market closed. The Bond postponement might actually help in the medium term.

Not the greatest ad (from Spark44 presumably) but it certainly shows off the car’s attributes – especially if you have a flexible attitude to life expectancy.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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