It’s a Covid-19 Mother’s Day but at least Billy Bragg hits the right note

Mother’s Day is said to have been invented by Hallmark Cards in 1920 but this manufactured event has taken on a more significant meaning, in the UK at least, with the Covid-19 virus wreaking its havoc.

PM Boris Johnson, who may be gaining a rather surer touch (not there yet Boris) has been telling us not to go to see our mums – and most people seem to be listening.

But he’s still threatening “further measures” as Brits take to those of the nation’s parks and whatever other spaces are still open. You can understand the concern but this is a tricky one for the Government and “the science” as the medical profession is known these days.

The UK hasn’t had a curfew since World War Two and no government is going to be popular for imposing one. Especially when it becomes more obvious by the day that previous Tory governments have left the NHS with its pants down when it comes to critical care beds and qualified nursing staff. Not to mention the almost complete lack of Covid-19 tests; we’re dealing with a deadly virus with little evidence about who’s got it.

Hitting the right note in such circumstances is tough, but left wing troubadour Billy Bragg got it right on this strange Mother’s Day.

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