What unites Leclerc and Harley-Davidson?

Modern life is, to a degree, made up of the collective labour of brands – they’ve helped to make it what it is, but what if we don’t like it?

And what do you do if you’re a brand that wants to tune into this feeling?

Supermarkets and motorcycles may not have much in common but here they are saying they’re an alternative to this modern world that we’ve decided (or some of us have decided) we don’t like any more.

BETC France for Leclerc (which has been zagging where others zig for a while now).

And Droga5 for Harley-Davidson, trying to escape that damned Alexa.

How many emissions do you get from a Harley? Never mind. Will likely pick up some awards. Leclerc probably won’t – unless for the campaign as a whole – but both do the alt job.

MAA creative scale –

Leclerc: 8.

Harley-Davison: 8.5.

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