Silvercast brings Aussie firefighters tribute to Times Square

Posters are said to be the oldest ad medium, certainly they’re proving arguably the most adaptable. Digital Out of Home is now where the money is and some advertisers are waking up to its power to communicate quickly and at scale.

The New South Wales Fire Service is an unlikely occupier of Silvercast’s vast Times Square digital billboard, one of the world’s premium sites. But Silvercast has donated the space for a tribute to NSW firefighters – some of the heroes of Australia’s recent catastrophic bush fires – with creative by Wunderman Thompson.

WT Australia national CCO Simon Langley says: Simon Langley says: “With Australia having experienced one of the worst fire seasons in history, there has never been a more important time for us to recognise our firefighters, both locally and internationally, who have bravely battled the bush fires to keep our country and people safe.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside NSW Rural Fire Service and Silvercast to create the global tribute our firefighters deserve.”

Quite. And a decent ad for the medium too.

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