Prince Harry enters the “ethical” travel trade with Travalyst

We all wondered what Harry and Meghan, about to be freed from royal duties would do next, and now we know some of it – Prince Harry (he’s still a prince and the Duke of Sussex as far as we know) is to be a travel agent.

Harry arrived in Edinburgh from his Canadian home yesterday – by train, although that probably didn’t fool anyone – to help launch eco-friendly travel firm Travalyst. Travalyst is being supported by Visa, Skyscanner and among others “to help travellers pick low carbon options more easily and chose destinations that will have more benefit to local communities.”

At the launch Harry said: “We believe travel is a good thing. It is the heart of human experience, of cultural connections, and of new friendships.

“It is a global powerhouse that employs hundreds of millions of people, keeping culture alive, protecting some of the world’s most precious spaces, and that introduces us to people, places and wildlife that we’ve only ever seen on a screen.”

Well it’s not a bad idea but Harry will have to watch his mode of travel in future. Canada may be a great place but it’s quite a long way from anywhere apart from the Americas.

What will the nearly royal couple come up with next? Maybe they’re destined to become the world’s most high profile influencers. Upwardly mobile marketers will be wondering if they can have a bite.

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