UK’s Advertising Association puts trust back on the agenda

The UK’s Advertising Association is mounting a campaign to try to restore trust in advertising – it’s fallen to 25 per cent from 48 per cent 20 years ago – with the theme ‘Responsibility, Trust and Growth.’

It’s also established a Climate Action group, with members of other trade bodies, advertising agencies, brands and media owners to coordinate industry efforts.

AA CEO Stephen Woodford (below) says: “Our Council has been very clear about the central importance of responsibility for the direction it would like us to steer the industry. The new mission provides a strong foundation to be clear about what we believe is responsible advertising.

“This means we will be putting a laser-sharp focus on how our industry best serves the people and the economy of the UK through all the work that we do over the coming months and years.”

More details will doubtless emerge at the AA’s LEAD conference today. One question all the parties need to answer is: have people lost trust in advertising per se or is it the advertisers they doubt? Trust in big companies is surely at an all-time low.

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