Ocean claims young people tune in to digital Out of Home

New research by YouGov for UK-based Out of Home digital media owner Ocean Outdoor shows that 18-34 year olds trust content and ads on digital OOH screens more than other media channels.

Younger consumers (18-24) say they are more likely to engage with DOOH ads when partnered with live content.

Nearly half of these say they would be interested in seeing more live content on DOOH advertising screens.

One in four also say they are more likely to engage with ads that appear alongside live broadcast content such as entertainment, news and sport.

Ocean broadcasts live sport including the Wimbledon tennis tournament on some of its large-scale digital screens.

Ocean Outdoor UK joint MD Phil Hall says: “Ocean has developed a clear content strategy to create standout brand experiences at scale. We use premium broadcast-led content to connect hard to reach audiences with personal, immersive outdoor brand experiences – which they say they like and trust.

“This new survey reveals that in an age of fake news, ad blocking and a decline in both social media use and terrestrial TV viewing, combining linear broadcast content with new and interactive technology allows us to build a channel which is trusted and engaging. We are delivering the sort of content that discerning, younger audiences want to see.”

It also has the benefit of being free, of course, in an era of paid-for TV including streaming. But Out of Home as, in effect, an entertainment channel shows how much posters have changed in barely over a decade.

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