Government, charities and HRH combine for FA Cup mental health game-stopper

Here’s what we used to call a PR blitz, Public Health England along with Every mind Matters and the Football Association’s Heads Up campaign combining for a one-minute film about the importance of mental health to be shown before the FA Cup third round matches at the weekend. From PR firm Freuds with a voiceover from heir to the throne the Duke of Cambridge, no less.

Quite what raucous supporters at the actual games will make of it we know not. Judged on some of their recent behaviour – monkey chants et al – there’ll be a few nervous onlookers in the posh seats.

Brave of the footballers featured along with Chelsea manager Frank Lampard, who will no doubt be decried as bonkers by opposing fans.

The football authorities deserve some praise for their efforts to promote decent, some might say ‘woke,’ behaviour but the beautiful game obstinately retains its tribal roots.

MAA creative scale, tricky. If you don’t like it it’s a bit like kicking the cat: 7.

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