Droga5 brings Gio back with a bang as GoCompare heads into 2020

Droga5’s debut for GoCompare featured long-serving frontman Gio Compario, telling a tale (not singing one) about an errant tree.

It looked like a transition from Gio to something else but, no, he’s back – this time falling foul of a stray deer, based on a true story.

Marsha Riley, vice president of brand preference at GoCompare (there’s a new one) says: “We work hard to help people get a fair deal on insurance that really meets their needs so that they know they will be taken care of should they ever need to make a claim.

“Our latest ad demonstrates our belief that you need the right cover, not just the cheapest. Car accidents are no joke, but they are an unfortunate reality, and having the right policy can make the financial consequences a lot less painful.”

There are also an array of posters in a media campaign from Omnicom’s Hearts & Science.

D5, now owned by Accenture Interactive, goes big when it gets the chance and this campaign, breaking Saturday, is certainly that.

Much better than the first effort, which struck you as slightly weird.

Great things are expected from D5 in 2020 and this is a good start.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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