Brands jump on the bargain basement Sussex bandwagon – Piers Morgan falls off his

As Harry and Meghan prepare to go it alone/together outside the chilly confines of Britain’s royal family there are, inevitably, a number of brands jumping on their bandwagon – presumably for free, for now.

Here’s Expedia.

While Burger King has been reminding them on Twitter that it offers part-time posts.

Johnny Hornby, chair of Prince Harry’s African charity, has also been populating the airwaves.

Actually the brands need to watch it. The metropolitan commentariat may find it all something of a joke but there’s a lot of sympathy in the country at large for the two refugees (for now anyway.) Burger King has already attracted some flack.

PS And The Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips is under fire for advertising milk for the Chinese market. Upstaged by Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan who produced an execrable, supposedly funny version of Chinese. What larks.

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