Sorrell hits the studios again – this time with a prognosis for post-Brexit Britain

S4Capital’s executive chairman Sir Martin Sorrell (he really wants us to remember the executive bit) is bestriding the business world like a mini-colossus, as if nothing has changed from his WPP days (except he always works in a plug for S4 and a swipe at WPP and its peers.)

Here he is on Bloomberg outlining his vision of post-Brexit Britain as a “Singapore on steroids,” a low regulation, low tax base for Silicon Valley giants (among others), who are clearly now his friends rather than the “frenemies” he used to talk about.

Is Martin now a Leaver?

One of the tricks of the PR trade is to appear to the world as bigger and more important than you are – at which Sorrell is a master. Although he tells us S4 is still small he also reminds us that it’s now worth more than $1bn – which sounds pretty big to most of us.

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  1. Does he ever go to the bloody office? Perhaps if it was in Shepherd’s Market… He also appeared to be suffering from a bad case of indigestion.

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