Free streamer Tubi takes the fight to Netflix and new rivals

Does digital transformation just lead to more anxiety? Sure a few psychologists have written learned papers on the topic and it’s about to get worse as the media world and its aunt launches rival streaming services to take on Netflix – even though lots of people in the entertainment industry doubt that they’ll ever make money.

So it’s timely for San Francisco-based ad-funded free streaming service Tubi (a veteran, launched in 2014) to take to the airwaves with a campaign – ‘Not On Netflix’ – featuring a number of celebs worried as to what they should do.

Here’s the ever-modest Robin Thicke whose tunes and videos have landed him in hot water from time to time.

And Carmen Electra.

Strategically spot on. Execution? Sharper editing might have helped. Just because you have a celeb or six don’t let them vapour on.

MAA creative scale: 4

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