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Sorrell’s way forward for S4Capital is “management with control” – ie him

Not to be outdone by WPP, the company he founded, here’s Sir Martin Sorrell on his new construct S4Capital and its component parts MediaMonks, MediaHive and new “merger” Firewood.

As ever with Sorrell there’s a grand tour d’horizon – first-naming Google’s founders – although he seems to get mixed up in his billions and trillions (or whatever they are) at one point.

Interviewer Andrew Scott of Proactive Investor wisely lets him get on with it and it’s interesting, not least his assertion that the companies that do best are the ones still controlled by the founders as Google and Facebook are and, in his case, S4. Otherwise, he says, there’s management without control, something the ad holding companies are suffering from.

One Comment

  1. How much control does a founder actually have when he spends the vast majority of his time flying around the world giving speeches rather doing his “foundering” in the office. Choked on my breakfast martini when I saw the name of his third acquisition… “Firewood.” Perfect. If he wants to beat his acquisition record at WPP, he only has about another thousand to go. Then he can buy back the two Harrods’s parking spaces he had to give up in the divorce settlement. You can’t make this shit up.

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