ANNA brings in the new (finance), AKQA puts a new spin on old Gore-Tex

ANNA Money (Absolutely No Nonsense Admin) is a challenger mobile business account – “for entrepreneurs and creatives” it says here – and it’s raising crowd-sourced money as well as trying to recruit customers with a new campaign ‘Equity for Mugs’ from Taylor Herring and Chips films.

Sounds pretty challenging. So it imagine Antiques Roadshow 70 years in the future (with a mug.)

ANNA chief design officer Daljit Singh says: “Our brand always aims to reflect the fun side of running a business, which usually coincides with doing less admin. Equity for Mugs is a chance to entrepreneurs and investors alike to experience what the brand reflects, and invest in how the product will continue to do even more business admin in the future.”

Well, good luck.

Pleasingly (maybe too) anarchic.

MAA creative scale: 7.

Meanwhile WPP’s AKQA, whom we haven’t heard much of recently apart from rumours of a tie-up with Grey, is back with a positively venerable brand: Gore-Tex.

AKQA is perhaps the most creative of the big digital agencies (not that there are too many left) and this is a statement of the Gore-Tex obvious, albeit an appealing one.

But sometimes that’s what’s required.

MAA creative scale: 7.


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