New web series Commercials lifts the lid on stressed creatives and ditzy clients

It seems to be the norm these days that clients go on commercial shoots although stories abound of them being banned back in the day when agencies had minds of their own.

A new web series Commercials from Community Films and directors’ collective JEAN and director Pam Thomas tackles this thorny issue among many others. This one shows a client – sane enough on the surface – who decides at the last moment the actress in the ad isn’t sufficiently “ethnically ambiguous.”

She could have been on a platform at Cannes.

EPISODE 101: ETHINICALLY AMBIGUOUS from Community Films on Vimeo.

“As commercial directors and former advertising creatives, we’ve experienced hundreds of completely ridiculous moments during productions where we looked at each other and said, ‘this needs to be a show,’” says Natalie Prisco of JEAN.

Quite. And some people still think it’s a job for grown-ups.

Brilliant stuff.

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