GoCompare’s Gio cuts the opera in hard sell Droga5 debut may have a new agency, Droga5, but Welsh tenor Gio Compario lives on, although in D5’s debut campaign he’s acting not singing.

Impersonating a real-life GoCompare insurance customer (female) who’s life – and car -are turned upside down by an errant tree.

Droga5 CCO David Kolbusz says: “Some people love Gio Compario, some people hate him. But regardless of how you feel about Britain’s most ubiquitous tenor, you never forget him. And so our challenge was to take a valuable brand asset and imbue him with new meaning. Make him a lightning rod for customer pain points and a catalyst for change in the sector. Gio is no longer just a mouthpiece for the brand but a representation of the average Briton and a crash test dummy to boot.

“The new identity we’ve created, made manifest in a wide-ranging out of home campaign, uses playful design to demonstrate that you can scream from a poster site and still look good.”

GoCompare founder and CEO Lee Griffin says: “We are proud to have built a brand which punches above its weight and is readily recognised by pretty much anyone who has turned on a TV or radio at any point over the last decade. But our sector has entered a new life stage where shouting loudest is no longer enough, and we want to do more to help people get a fair deal on insurance cover that really works for them.

“People already know that we can help them save time and money finding insurance, but now we’re going to be there for them when they need us most, too. And our new campaign will help us spread the word.

“When someone buys a comprehensive car insurance policy through GoCompare we will give them free excess cover, which will refund up to £250 of their excess when they make a claim. That’s up to £250 more in our customers’ pockets. No-one wants to be in a position where they need to claim on their car insurance, of course, but the reality is that accidents do happen, and only GoCompare will save people money both when they buy their insurance and when they need to use it.”

Well we certainly get the message.

Ambitious, as you’d expect from D5. Does Gio cut it as an actor though? You find yourself wondering if his jacket doesn’t fit on purpose.

The Out of Home works better.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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