BBC Creative takes to street art for Peaky Blinders

These days big TV programmes get their own ad budgets – often produced in-house – and cult BBC series Peaky Blinders is no different.

The show, now worldwide, features a bunch of not-so-loveable Birmingham gangsters.

The Peakys have loads of fans who portray their heroes on walls and things around the world. So the Beeb has run a competition to pick the best efforts for a BBC Creative campaign, running on BBC channels and Out of Home. The selected fan artists will each receive £1,000 commission for their contributions.

BBC Creative’s Emma Brooke says: “A show only reaches cult status because of its fans, and the passion of the Peaky Blinders fans is absolutely unrivalled. We knew this was true when we discovered the thousands of pieces of art that were being created by them around the globe. This is all about celebrating and giving recognition to the Peaky Blinder’s fans, and putting their incredible art out into the world.”

You can see why some creatives are increasingly attracted to such in-house agencies, it’s a lot more fun than attempting to cram content into a media plan that hits lots of people but doesn’t let you say very much, as is increasingly the way in the commercial world.

BBC Creative seems to be hitting its stride. Its use of media is often ingenious too.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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