AMV turns women’s fitness freakery on its head for Galaxy

Mars’ Galaxy has been around for 60 years and it’s launching Galaxy Darker Milk – by taking a pop at all those ads hectoring women to do it all and change the world.

From a mostly women team at AMV BBDO including copywriter Polina Zabrodskaya – are some gals getting fed up with being told what to do or be?

Galaxy brand director Sarah Mellor says: “I’m hugely excited to see our new TV ad air, signalling the next era for Galaxy, the second largest confectionery brand in the UK. We’ve already had an exceptionally successful year.. driven by the recent launch of the Darker Milk Collection and this new brand position and tone of voice, will be followed by more exciting product innovation later this year.”

Zabrodskaya says: “It’s an exciting new chapter for Galaxy. The brand has found a new tone of voice: more real, more relatable, and more entertaining. We know this woman, we are this woman, and we’re cheering for her to choose herself.”

Take that Fitbit fans.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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