MullenLowe aims in a new direction for World of Tanks

Games maker Wargaming is pitching to gamers of more mature years with its new World of Tanks campaign from MullenLowe, claiming it’s where ‘fast thinking beats fast reactions.’ So we have such a gamer (he’s not that old) being beaten up by nine year olds until he takes refuge in a tank.

World of Tanks head of strategy Felix Morgan says: “In a sector focused on creating brain-off dopamine loops and designing games for younger and younger audiences, World of Tanks sits in a fairly unique position. The multiplayer PC game is designed to be the perfect experience for strategic thinkers to get ahead of the competition using their brains, not just their dexterity or twitch reactions.

“That insight led MullenLowe Group UK to this daring creative platform, supported by a hard working performance strategy, that we will be implementing across the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.”

A human being in the shoot-em-up world of gaming is a new twist.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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