Droga5 takes big brand approach in United Rentals debut

United Rentals offers equipment hire and all the new digital bells and whistles in the US (don’t stop reading!) and in Droga5’s debut campaign it’s highlighting the way this heavy stuff gets left around when UR offers a better way.

B2B is still often marooned in a world of stock photos but D5, now the shiny jewel in Accenture Interactive’s crown, has give this its best shot.

There’s also “hyper-contextual Oot of Home and geo-targeted digital creative surrounding significant infrastructure projects across the US and Canada” plus summaries of more than 50 of the largest infrastructure projects in the US and Canada and what it will take to complete them.

United Rentals CMO Chris Hummel says: “We enlisted Droga5 because we believe creativity is a critical component in connecting with our customers. We want the campaign to resonate with them by tapping into real industry issues while also ensuring we’re inserting a differentiated message into the marketplace.”

Should be music to Donald Trump’s ears.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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