Manning Gottlieb OMD launches new Starbucks coffee with Talon’s OOH Data Management Platform.

Earlier this year Starbucks and Manning Gottlieb OMD partnered with Talon Outdoor to launch the new Blonde Espresso Roast, delivering a data-driven Out of Home (OOH) ad campaign, targeting and converting coffee drinkers across the UK.

Starbucks used premium, digital OOH screens to launch the Blonde Roast, a new, mellower alternative to its famous Signature Roast. The OOH media buying deployed Talon’s out of home data management platform (ODMP) to optimise targeting of coffee drinkers during a three week campaign.

Talon’s ODMP combines digital audience data with information about physical places and OOH advertising inventory, to create new intelligence about people’s on-the-go behaviours. Advertisers can either activate their own customer data, or use the platform’s behavioural signals to create custom audience segments relevant to their campaigns.

Starbucks used ODMP to generate insights about real and recent coffee drinking behaviours, to create and target a custom ‘Coffee House Hoppers’ audience segment; a group of coffee drinkers who are not typically loyal to any single high street coffee brand.

ODMP optimised Starbucks’ OOH media buying, targeting the most effective moments and locations to reach and engage ‘Coffee House Hoppers’ on their everyday journeys around UK towns and cities. As a result, Starbucks enjoyed a 34 per cent improvement in audience targeting compared to traditional OOH media buying.

OnDevice, an independent research agency, reported that the campaign was successful in building awareness and consideration of the new Blonde Roast coffee, as well as influencing people to go in store and trial it.

More than 80 per cent of the coffee drinkers audience said ‘Starbucks is somewhere I would consider getting coffee in the future’ and nearly 60 per cent took an action from visiting a Starbucks coffee house to recommending the product to others, significantly outperforming OnDevice’s OOH store effect benchmarks.

Sophie Pemberton, strategy director at Talon says: “The ODMP gives us an exciting opportunity to leverage data and pursue behavioural audiences in a way that we’ve not been able to do before in out of home. This was really appealing to Starbucks. As an advertiser, they are focused on using media to achieve their business objectives and by combining a strategic and data-driven approach to launching Blonde Roast, we were able to help them do this.”

Talon launched its ODMP – called Ada – in May 2019. The platform allows brands to deploy digital audience data and intelligence to supercharge OOH campaign planning and measurement. Ada connects with Talon’s automated trading platform, Plato, which aggregates all OOH advertising inventory into one system and allows users to explore, plan, check availability, reserve and trade across classic and digital inventory. Talon hosted an event in central London on May 8 to officially launch Plato and Ada.

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