Can Hornby’s The&Partnership ride to rescue of Change UK?

Newly-formed political entity The Independent Group, consisting of a handful of Remain-supporting refugee MPs from Labour and the Tories, hasn’t exactly got off to a flying start.

For the time being at least it’s known as Change UK as the electoral authorities don’t like TIG. Furthermore the Electoral Commission has rejected its first stab at a logo featuring TIG, meaning there won’t be one on the ballot form for the forthcoming European elections.

And bogeyman Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is way ahead in the European election polls.

When you’re running out of ammunition and your opponents are sharpening their scalping knives – what else do you do but send for Johnny Hornby?

Hornby and his agency The&Partnership have taken on the mountainous task of knocking Change UK into shape, for free. First up is a new T&P logo.

Hornby (below with Piers Morgan) says “With Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party and the ERG at one end and Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott (Labour) at the other, any centrist-minded, pro-business, pro-European should be as actively and passionately supportive of Change UK and The Independent Group as we are.”

T&P, then known as Clemmow Hornby Inge, worked for Tony Blair’s New Labour in 2001 when he walloped the Conservatives’ William Hague in one of his three General Election victories.

Since then Labour has lurched to the left, the Tories to the right leaving, in theory, a big gap in the middle which Change UK seeks to occupy. According to the Brexit referendum result 48 per cent of the country wants to stay in the EU so that should mean lots of votes in the European elections for Change UK.

If Hornby and co. can mobilise at least some of them that will be a win for T&P.

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