Sky Bet and presenter Stelling red carded by ASA

Not before time the ASA has banned a Sky Bet ad featuring Jeff Stelling, the presenter of Sky’s Soccer Saturday programme.

Sky sold Sky Bet for an eye-watering £3.4bn last year, but most viewers probably think it’s still part of Sky and, therefore, endorsed by the broadcaster.

The ad invited punters to “spark your sports brain” and ask “how big is your sports noggin,” which, the ASA says, implied that if you had a good knowledge of sport you could be a successful gambler – which isn’t allowed, it seems.

But this whole series of ads with Stelling and his former player mates from Soccer Saturday should never have been allowed in the first place. This lot are supposed to be expert commentators not betting shop hucksters. Stelling, who used to be a popular presenter, should be ashamed of himself. As should Sky, which has been trousering Sky Bet’s ad money.

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