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Google says it’s stemming tide of “bad ads” – now there are only 2.3 billion

Google says it removed 2.3 billion bad ads in 2018, nearly one billion fewer than it did in 2017 – which may suggest that its ad policies are working, although it still, um, seems a lot.

More pertinently perhaps it claims it has removed ads for 1.5 million apps and nearly 28 million pages that it says violated its publisher policies. Which, at least, is an attempt to deal with the problem at source.

It is also introducing a new Ad Policy Manager giving publishers tips on how to avoid such offending material.

It’s a fact of life that policing the internet is equivalent to herding cats and Google finds itself in the strange position of being a censor (chiefly to avoid bad publicity and attacks from its legacy competitors) although, like Facebook, it continues to deny that it’s a media owner itself. Despite making more more money from ads than most of the rest of the publishing world combined.

Sometime or other it needs to resolve this conundrum.

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