Ridley Scott falls into Turkish Airlines propaganda trap

It’s been decades since Ridley Scott worked in commercials but the great man is back for Turkish Airlines. Teased during the Super Bowl it’s an ode to, among others, the spanking new Istanbul airport.

And that’s the trouble: there’s absolutely nothing here that Turkey’s president Erdogan could object to (and he objects to quite a lot these days.) Our harassed female protagonist doesn’t even dive into a cocktail on reaching her hotel, she makes do with a small coffee (likely story.)

Propaganda is still propaganda however famous the director. As Ridley should know by now.

MAA creative scale: 2.


  1. This is a brilliant commercial and has everything to do with promoting tourism and travel. It has nothing to do with politics and President Erdogan ( note the correct spelling ) is not even relevant to it.

  2. I like this commercial and I also think this has nothing to do with propaganda. In fact this article sounds like propaganda 🙂

  3. A cocktail rather than a coffee would have made more sense? Over a Turkish coffee in Istanbul? Wow. You need to get off the piss so that we start thinking better of Englishmen…

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