Ogilvy ECD Jules Chalkley picks his Desert Island Ads

As Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy UK Chalkley brings a wealth of experience in PR, social media, experiential and digital to bear, working across clients including Boots, Vodafone and British Airways. Prior to joining Ogilvy, Chalkley oversaw BMB’s transition from a TV-led agency to multi-platform and PR-led campaigns, working for a diverse range of clients including Samsung, LinkedIn and Rowse.

Desert Island Ads

There are great ideas that I see that deliver a healthy pang of jealousy. And then there are those that go way beyond that – work that makes me feel proud to be a part of this industry. I often wonder how the living fuck they got to the idea or simply got away with it. Each of the choices I’ve made have been a landmark moment for me personally; a spur on, a rethink, or a higher bar.

R.Whites Lemonade Secret Lemonade Drinker

I think this is the one that got me started. As a kid I’d wobble round the house singing the classic jingle. I still enjoy it.

Levi’s Drugstore

All Levis ads are iconic. For me the coolest of all is Drugstore. The edgy narrative and the power of the music with the image is a great lesson in casting against type.

Chuck Out Your Chintz

This was my introduction to the idea of the cultural mission. An icon for behaviour change work and the reason I wanted to work at St. Lukes. Highly effective work from a ground breaking agency.

Blackcurrant Tango

I remember watching this in my flat and practically weeping with joy. Not only a great film but revolutionary media buying. I salute you Ray Gardner.

Honda Grrr

I think this is when Honda really hit its stride. Maybe the best car ad ever. No car.

Fox Sport Hockey – the more you watch the tougher you get

Comedy is a rare thing these days but Fox have always used it to brilliant effect. Painful to watch. Great repeated viewing.

Audi “Tell Charles I’m On My Way”

Work that showed me the power of positioning. Deft casting at the end tells me so much about the owners of Audi and its competitors.

Bentley Burial

I think this is the future. Hugely disruptive ideas fired through the big social media engines and capturing an entire nations attention in one moment for an excellent issue.

Inglorious Vegetables – Intermarche

Disruptive, celebratory imagery of misshapen vegetables proves to be a brilliant creative platform for changing buying habits. Not just the users of one supermarket, but an entire nation. It’s a gift to make things that simple.

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