Egard Watches cashes in on Gillette ad rumpus

Egard Watches is a relative newbie in the timepiece game (2012) but it’s become surprisingly famous by taking a pop at Gillette’s now-notorious “toxic masculinity” ad. This purported to present a new view of men, suitable for the #MeToo era.

According to Egard blokes aren’t that bad really.

Actually they’re both arguing the same point, Procter & Gamble’s Gillette and agency Grey rather clumsily.

Will the publicity do Gillette some good regardless?

No idea. But Egard has sold out and now has a backlog of orders.

One Comment

  1. I’d never heard of Egard, but this ad alone convinced me to check out their watches. Impressive. I bought one. And what got me there was the positivism of a single ad. And you’re right – a good portion of their watches, and nearly all of their bracelets, are sold out.

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