Zenith predicts further advances for programmatic media buying but pace is slowing

Media agency Zenith has just published its latest Advertising Expenditure Forecast and, to no-one’s great surprise, it underlines the phenomenal growth of programmatic media buying.

It predicts that 65 per cent of global digital media buying will be programmatic in 2019, rising to 68 per cent or $98bn in 2020.

Programmatic varies depending on where you are: the US is first with $26.6bn, China second with $5.2bn and the UK third with $3.7bn. In the UK 76 per cent of digital buying is programmatic with 80 per cent predicted for 2020. 2018 in the UK is up only three per cent on 2017, suggesting a limit may be reached.

Zenith head of programmatic Yu-Hsuan Lin (left) says: “We have seen a tremendous growth in programmatic adoption in the UK over the last few years. This is driven by a better understanding of the benefits programmatic brings to the table as well as the continuous innovation we are seeing in this space.

“With trading programmatic display and video becoming more mature, we have been working closely with our clients to adopt programmatic in ways that are best suited to their needs. This spans activation, management, data and tech consultancy.

“Given the innovation we have seen in the last few years, we believe programmatic will continue to grow in the UK and we have to continue evolving our programmatic offering to adapt to the these changes. This is especially true when more digital content is consumed, more devices are connected and more products are bought online. Despite the speed of change, this also presents great opportunities for brands.”

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