SAS ‘Arrivals’: a tidal wave of emotion or soggy sentiment?

Here’s the clear winner of the 2018 Tear Duct Award, for SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) shot at Copenhagen’s Kastrup airport by photographer Peter Funch and film maker Jeppe Ronde.

It’s been accused by some of ripping off the Richard Curtis film Love Actually although as I’ve been studiously avoiding that for years, I can’t say.

With an unbelievably sugary V/O too. But even Adscam’s George Parker likes it (the gals in George’s pic might have pepped it up a bit.)

So: flawed? Exploitative?

But it’s hard to beat real.

MAA creative scale: 8.


  1. As my Wife makes me watch “Love Actually” six times every Christmas… I thought I would hate this video… But I loved it. Made me cry in my beer.

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