Havas pitches it right for morning after pill ellaOne

Sometimes the job of advertising isn’t to make a big splash in social media or pick up buckets of awards. It’s to bring useful information to people in a sensible and amiable way.

Which this campaign from Havas London for morning after pill ellaOne (now available without a prescription) does. Aimed at “empowering women who have had unprotected sex or whose contraceptive method has failed.”

HRA Pharma marketing director UK, Ireland & Nordics Kate Evans says: “While category awareness is high, awareness of ellaOne® as a product remains low, despite it being the most effective on the market. Sadly, there also remains a cultural stigma around emergency contraception itself. This campaign aims to break down those barriers and empower women to make the right decision for them, without fear of judgement.”

Nicely done by Havas, with attitude. Will no doubt attract the odd moan and saying you’re the best pharma product on the market can be contentious these days.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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