VML ECD Harsh Kapadia picks his Desert Island Ads

VML London ECD Harsh Kapadia began his career as an art director at JWT Mumbai before moving to JWT Melbourne and New York where he worked on brands including Kleenex, Smirnoff, Nestle and Rolex. He joined VML in 2012.

Desert Island Ads

Each time someone asks what my favourite piece of advertising is, my answer changes. So, I was in a bit of pickle when considering what ads I would take with me to a desert island, and I decided my strategy would be to focus on the ideas that would improve my life on said desert island. After all, the best creative doesn’t just entertain but is useful and truly connects brands to consumers.

James Boag Draught – From the pure waters of Tasmania

No need to worry about being on a desert island when the waters of Tasmania surround you. “Something goes in there and comes out different.” The film shows how the simplest ingredient – which is also the source of the beer – is the most magical.

Happydent – Palace

And who needs electricity when whiter teeth can power the palace of a king. I will be chewing Happydent.

Google – MyLine

Living on a desert island and having super-fast internet – well that would be the dream! And with Google My Line, I will stay connected to the rest of the world. A beautiful idea using modern and old tech to make the internet more accessible.

Ikea – cook this page

I love delicious food but don’t know how to cook anything… this is why I love the Ikea cook this page campaign. It is the perfect solution to find the right ingredients and easily prepare a delicious island meal on the desert island.

The Palau Pledge

The Palau Pledge is a brilliant idea that makes a strong brand statement and gets tourists to commit to the island. It inspires, engages and commits. When more people are lucky enough to discover my desert island, and I am finally reunited with other humans, this pledge will help maintain this land of magic.

The Marmite Gene Project

There are no other humans on the desert island, but I would use the Gene Project to know which living being I can trust – animals and plants alike. I love how far Marmite pushes its strategy of ‘love it or hate it.’ It isn’t trying to please everyone.

Pedigree – SelfieStix

With all the wildlife on the island, the Pedigree SelfieStix is the perfect tool to document my time there. It is a genuinely entertaining and useful device for pet owners, and it shows how much dogs love the product. It is win-win for the pet owner, the dog and social media. And myself on the island.

The Island

Thanks to these brilliant creative ideas, I feel ready to head to the desert island and live surrounded by magical waters, produce light from the whitened teeth of the wildlife, connect to the world via My Line, never be hungry thanks to flat packed recipes, enjoy wildlife selfies, and last but not least stay safe thanks to Marmite. If you want to join me, you have to sign the Palau Pledge.

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