Land Rover celebrates Defender – and boosts new rival in the process

It’s very nice of Land Rover and agency Spark44 to make a commercial for Jim Ratcliffe of chemicals giant Ineos who’s planning to make his own version of the Land Rover Defender, discontinued by JLR.

But here are lots of Defenders up in the foothills of the Himalayas doing what the venerable rattle traps do best.

It’s for Land Rover’s 70th birthday of course, and the original version can hardly be ignored. Even so, Jim will be pleased.

Land Rovers and their posh cousins Range Rovers are rather different beasts these days. Saw a new £90,000 Range Rover described by a motoring journalist as a “manor house on wheels” the other day. Can’t see too many of those ending up in the Himalayas. Handy for the school run though.

Was dropping the Defender an own goal?

This campaign: Spark44 is pretty good these days; making proper ads rather than celeb-packed film trailers.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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