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Best ads of 2018: directors take the honours for Rapha and Apple’s HomePod

We had lots of good ads in June, including Top Tips for Cannes and (some of) the winners. Here are two, from directors at different ends of the scale, showing that directing still matters in these data-driven-content days.

Somesuch director Max Weiland is the son of one of the industry’s undoubted maestros Paul and this Mother LA film for cycling/sports brand Rapha shows the difference a good director can make to what might have seemed an everyday tale of cycling folk.

The director maestro de nos jours is Spike Jonze and he won a Cannes Grand Prix for Music in Entertainment for this for Apple’s HomePod. Might well have won more. But it shows a top director at the very top of his game.

Apple is producing some extraordinary stuff these days. Must be a shoe-in for next years Cannes Creative Marketer of the Year.

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