Mark Forgan and Jamie Standen from Ogilvy Paris: our Top Tips for Cannes

Ogilvy Paris creative directors Mark Forgan (left) and Jamie Standen choose three world campaigns and three French campaigns in their Top Tips for Cannes


It’s a Tide Ad

A perfect use of the Super Bowl. We’re looking at Grand Prix Film here, maybe even other categories. Simple, funny and..clean.

Palau Pledge

Again a simple and powerful idea that could have been done years ago – for as long as passport stamps have been around. These small island nations are on the front line of climate change and need every smart idea they can get.

Probably the best response idea in ages. The only thing more terrifying than an angry mob is a hungry one, and humor was the perfect defensive weapon here.


The Baptism – Ubisoft

An engrossing live action trailer for Far Cry 5. Feels very far away from the advertising world, in the best way possible.

La Forêt – Bet on a Murderer

Actually being able to bet on who is the murderer in a crime series? Such an obvious idea that it’s surprising it hasn’t been done before. Which is why it might win something.

Predictive Tweets – Ford

From even closer to home at Ogilvy Paris. Ford predicted every thrill and spill at Le Mans by forecasting every single possible outcome – just like the predictive technologies in Ford vehicles do.

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