Hey Human’s Shnoosee Bailey: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Nike – Nothing Beats a Londoner

Well, I couldn’t leave this one out. It’s an inspiring and refreshingly honest celebration of London’s youth, culture and athletes. Moving away from the usual polished hyper-real sport advertising, the ad shows the reality of London and the determination it takes to be a young athlete in the city. By using humour, real people and colloquial language, combined with the subtle inclusion of their heroes, the film truly connects with advertising-averse young Londoners. Genius move to shoot on 16mm instead of digital to further enhance that sense of realism.

Edeka – The Most German Supermarket

Perhaps it’s a long shot, but this is such a simple and powerful idea. It emphasises the importance of global diversity and makes it tangible for people, by removing the food they like. Focusing on something which is deeply personal yet also completely taken for granted guaranteed a visceral emotional reaction.


As one of the Colonel’s fans said on Twitter “possibly best apology ad ever.” Beautifully written and remarkably frank, transforming disaster into triumph. FCK-ing fantastic.

Tide – It’s a Tide Ad

The funny ad that’s so much more than a funny ad. Take a brilliantly simple observation about advertising, add a smart media buy, an actor from the year’s hottest show, and a tight, relevant script…and voila! But probably the best bit of all, is how it got everyone thinking ‘is this a Tide ad?’ through every spot of the Superbowl. Genius.

Shnoosee Bailey is creative director at HeyHuman

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