BETC’s Stephane Xiberras: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Ikea – Human Catalogue

This idea is impossible to categorize, it’s pretty freakish and just doesn’t resemble anything else. It’s like Marmite – love or hate it.

I’m part of the fan camp: the campaign brings attention back to the least digital and most unglamorous thing in the world and turns it into entertainment – I love it.

And in some way it also tells the story of the time and care put into each product and picture from the catalogue. If I was the type to like bad puns I would say it’s an unforgettable idea. Hehe.

Palau Pledge

This idea is one of a contract signed between a place and people. It is a moral contract but certified by the most official of documents: the passport. It’s impossible to not be touched by this wonderful idea, beautifully crafted and formidably effective.

I put myself in the shoes of a tourist arriving to the island and within seconds discovering an unusual feeling for a careless vacationer: that of responsibility.

McDonald’s – Follow the Arches

To all the grumblers who will say that it’s too easy, that it feels déjà-vu, that it may be clever but a silver is enough; I will say that they should stop sulking, when we see huge billboards for huge brands, fun and simple, we press 9.

The strength of evidence in this case deserves a gold.

Stephane Xiberras is CCO of BETC Paris.

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