#WomenCannes wants to dress the Cannes Lions in black

It’s always difficult to know what to pack when you’re going to be on parade and the Cannes Lions are surely no different. How many pairs of shoes, do I need a jumper?

Yet another women’s pressure group in adland – #WomenCannes – may have solved the problem for female visitors to the festival, by advising them to wear black “to raise women’s visibility at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and to shine a spotlight on sexual misconduct in advertising.”

This, of course, is a sequel to the Film Festival proper where lots of actresses and others did wear black (some of the time at least) to protest about under-representation in the business (particularly behind the camera) and the doings of disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein and others.

But one of the features of the Film Festival is the red carpet, where actresses (seemingly happily) parade in front of massed cameras in a new frock lent to them by some high profile designer.

The Cannes Lions, far as we know, has no such tradition. Won’t female delegates and others parading along the Croisette in 30 degree heat in such attire feel, well, a bit of a lemon?

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