DDB Paris ECD Alexander Kalchev: my Top Tips for Cannes

Nike: Nothing beats a Londoner

The undisputed winner in the big three minute show-stopping pieces category.

It has become increasingly more difficult to dazzle, but this piece does it effortlessly, reinventing the entire genre of big blockbuster stream of consciousness pieces.

Almost made me want to move to London. Almost.

Project 84 for Calm plus World Suicide Prevention Day letters

When I first saw the images from Project 84, it hit me in the gut. Male suicide is not a topic we often talk about and this installation really makes you realise how much of a global problem it is. At the same time, the World Suicide Prevention day letters hit you hard, showing the depth of despair it takes to take your own life. Striking and unforgettable.

Nike : Breaking 2

This one goes beyond advertising. The crazy ambition, the preparation and the humanity of it set it apart. And in fact, even if it didn’t work out, it made the project even more beautiful and human – there’s still dreams out there to achieve.

IKEA Pee ad

Where life happens. This one deserves all the Lions thrown at it.

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