Zuckerberg takes to CNN in Facebook mea culpa

Here’s embattled Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, looking a bit sweaty but you can’t really blame him for that, spelling out to CNN what Facebook is going to do to clean up its act on personal data storage and privacy. Interesting choice of network. Well he wouldn’t go on Fox would he?

There are two main issues here for Zuckerberg. One is whether or not Facebook’s measures will work. Online is a den of thieves in some respects and who’s to say that these ingenious felons won’t be one step ahead some or all of the time.

The second is the huge extra costs Facebook will incur by employing tens of tens of thousands of ‘supervisors.’ That’s fine as long as the ad revenue, Facebook’s only real source of income, keeps rolling in but will it? Some advertisers, fearful perhaps of being dragged into legal cases, will depart.

And who’s to say that the new supervisors won’t be tempted by a little larceny themselves?

Here what Zuckerberg said.

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