Now Leonard’s Uncommon lands WWF UK

We can all breathe a bit more easily. Uncommon, which describes itself mow as an “agency collective,” is up and running with another good cause account shortly after making a lively debut for greener-than-most OVO Energy.

It’s now been appointed by WWF UK (World Wide Fund for Nature these days) ahead of Creature and Joint.

Uncommon is a breakaway from Grey London, headed by creative supremo Nils Leonard, Lucy Jameson and Natalie Graeme.

All new agencies need a niche and Leonard and co. made a name for themselves at Grey by, among other things, departing conventional advertising for other activities too, some of which won awards. In a world where big conventional advertisers led by Procter & Gamble (a big Grey client) and Unilever are cutting back on their agency line-ups and taking more work in house, others are taking their place including charities, who seem to have an almost unlimited supply of ad money.

Uncommon Creative Studio, to give it its full moniker, seems designed for project work, which should suit new model clients.

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