Droga5’s Dundee Super Bowl epic wins for Tourism Australia

We knew the Crocodile Dundee epic trailer before the Super Bowl was for an ad campaign (cheating as usual) but apparently lots of people didn’t.

Here’s the spot that ran in the SB, showing a disappointed Danny McBride (with Chris Hemsworth) and a fleeting Paul Hogan, old Croc himself.

Agency Droga5 says #DundeeMovie amassed a social media reach of 412 million with the the teaser films viewed over 68 million times. The Dundee “reboot” has garnered three billion media impressions across nearly 4,000 placements before it even aired during the SB.

Not as good as the trailer but this has more heavy lifting to do – Aussie wines, restaurants etc.

MAA creative scale: 7.


If you really want to see all the Super Bowl ads here they are, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. We’ll be picking a few highlights and lowlights.

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