“World’s largest agency” M&C Saatchi opens in Indonesia

You learn something every day. From the Jakarta Globe we discover that M&C Saatchi is “the world’s largest and fastest-growing (agency) network.” Hmm.

M&C global boss Moray MacLennan (third from the right wearing a nice new shirt, as are his new friends) has been opening a new M&C office in what will be one of the world’s biggest ad markets. And M&C does, indeed, have lots of offices (27 at the last count), partnering with the locals. But the biggest?

Sure Moray didn’t tell them this. And what’s the secret of their success? Why good old “brutal simplicity of thought” of course, as you can see.

The original Saatchi brothers more more or less invented chutzpah in adland. Back in the day Charlie convinced Campaign that it was opening in Paris to handle the late (and unlamented) British Leyland’s £25m account, big money in those days. But it wasn’t and didn’t.

Plus ca change?

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