Pepsi revisits classic Cindy Crawford ad for Super Bowl

Super Bowl ads are much hyped but it’s one of the few occasions in the calendar when some advertisers and agencies forget all about that data/touch points nonsense and just have fun.

This one for Pepsi with Cindy Crawford from all of 26 years ago is advertising at its most superficial and meretricious – not a brand purpose in sight – and all the better for it.

And, Adweek has discovered, Ms Crawford is due to return in this year’s Super Bowl (with her young son). Looking like this, one presumes, in last year’s Late Late Show spoof with James Corden.

Apparently there’ll be other blasts from the past from Pepsi in the campaign.

Sounds like a good idea and, maybe, a timely reminder. That’s if they can still do this stuff, of course.

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