Mother crafts a triumph from Vero’s disastrous shoot

Mother is making its first film for “smart” social network Vero with Michael Fassbender and Conor McCaughan’s DMC Film as part of a long-form content project. In the trailer we have that trusty old standby the hyper-creative would-be director (who knows nuffink) and the seasoned first assistant director who does but carries disaster around with him like a coat.

Mother, by the way, has now been in proudly independent existence for 21 years so has doubtless experienced a few of these in its time.

Written and directed by agency co-founder Mark Waites.

Vero founder and CEO Ayman Hariri says: “Helping artists and filmmakers tell the stories they want to tell and providing new possibilities for audiences to connect with their work online is very important to us at Vero. We want Vero to be a place where people come together to create and share what matters to them, so we’re excited to be part of this project and to share this film first on Vero.”

Classy, funny and true.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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