Krow wins online casino Sky Vegas

Online casino Sky Vegas, part of Sky Betting and Gaming, has moved its ad account from Mcgarrybowen to Krow following a pitch against BJL, Fallon and Iris.

The agency’s first task is to create a February multi-media campaign emphasising its “experts in the unexpected” position.

Krow founder Barry Cook says: “This is a crowded market where cut through is vital and ideas are in short supply. Our new campaign works across all channels and aims to build a unique and category leading positioning for Sky Vegas.”

Good for Krow, which has carved out a reputation as a lively and capable indie, notably with its work for DFS. And you can hardly blame such agencies for chasing betting business, one of the few big-spending sectors where local agencies compete on level terms with their international rivals.

But these ads are becoming an epidemic, currently in the dock for appearing in sport programmes (Sky’s for example) before the supposed 9pm watershed.

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